About the company

PrimaveraAcedemy.net has been created to train people that wants to excel in Project Controls and to learn and improve skills related to scheduling civil contruyction projects similar to roadyways, bridges, train stations, highways, airports and refineries.

IOur company started from the interest of some many people in learning how to create civil construction schedules and control them through the use of Primavera Project Planner (P6) to create baselines, updates, time impact analysis.  The demand in the market for professionals that have deep knowledge of scheduling and procedures that allow better project controls has open an opportunity for us to train possible future schedulers to provide then a better  opportunity to get a Construction job

Our Companyt started in 2021, we are an online fresh company, leaded by Juan Uirbe with more than 25 years of experience producing schedules for major companies in the US.  He has developed schedules for refineries, highways, airports, bridges and other civil construction projects. Large expericence handling resources and costs information in Primavera.  We think that there is a gap between learning P6 and learning the information to e included in the schedule.  Primavera Academy has developed a mehtodology that try to close the gap and provide a better edge to our scheduler.

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